Who We Are

Who we are:

Brazil Dance World is a school that offers a number of different Brazilian dance lessons as well as performing them. With the innovative and visionary project of spreading Brazilian culture to other cultures, Brazil Dance World was born in Toronto, Canada in December 2005.-It is also the mastermind behind organizing the  Brazilian Beat: Canada Dance Congress, since 2011, which is the largest celebration of Brazilian dance in Canada.



Our objective is to spread Brazilian culture and traditions outside of Brazil through Brazilian Dance, and to preserve Brazilian culture within the Brazilian community in Toronto, Canada.


Who can be a part of Brazil Dance World?

Anyone who:
• Wants a leisure activity;
• Desires to do physical activity;
• Searches for a different form of therapy;
• Is looking for a new circle of friends;
• Believes in life;
• Hopes to see their dreams realized;
• And most of all believes that they deserve happiness!