Brazil Dance World is no longer offering regular group lessons. We are working on amplifying the benefits we have promoted to our community in the last ten years. Our goal is to strength the Brazilian artistic community in Toronto. Stay in touch!



Classes are offered to groups of 5 or more participants who have common objectives. Groups can be formed at private institutions, companies and corporations, as well as associations, cooperatives etc. These lessons can take place in a dance studio or at the headquarters of the contracting company/institution. The dance styles that are taught include: samba de gafieira, samba no pe, zouk, bolero, forró or Brazilian swing  in accordance to the preference of the group.


Surprise your guests with a lively performance by our dancers or with a fun dance class. We perform Brazilian Samba and teach Forro, Brazilian Samba, Samba de Gafieira, Lambada and Zouk . Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and all special occasions!